Multiple Orders

Need to place multiple orders to different addresses?  We have two solutions for you.  If you want to use our online store, follow these steps:

1.  Add the products to your cart.  (NOTE:  The option to ship to multiple addresses will not appear until there are two or more items in the cart)

2.  Click the View Cart link in the upper right corner of any page.

3.  Click the 'Checkout with Multiple Shipping Addresses' button at the bottom of the window.  Choose your billing address first, then assign items to shipping addresses in your address book.

How to ship to multiple addresses

For larger lists, or if you prefer using a spreadsheet, we've made it easy with our convenient spreadsheet template.  Use Excel, Open Office or another worksheet program, add your address list, then send it to us as an email attachment. 

Excel template for placing multiple gift orders

Download now

We'll load everything into our database to validate the addresses, contact you by phone for payment, and schedule shipment of your order.  We want it to be easy to take care of everyone on your list.

And, we'll save your information, making re-orders fast and easy!