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Chris started writing his blog in 2008, sharing stories about life and business to help readers understand more about what Anna's Gourmet Goodies is all about - the back story.  In his book, Chris hand selected and organized the posts into groups - Identity, Life, Business, Charity and Thoughts.  Chris introduces each story with a short paragraph giving the reader even more insight into the significance or why it came about.

In the Forward, author, executive and entrepreneur Jack Spain shares not only his background, but his experiences working with Chris and Anna's Gourmet Goodies.  And in the Introduction, Chris shares more of the story of how Anna's Gourmet Goodies came to be.

The stories in Outside the Oven are real, touch a range of emotions, encourage reflection, spark memories and sometimes even a tear.  Get your signed copy from the author and begin your own journey, outside the oven.

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Outside the Oven is Chris' hand-selected collection of stories about life and running a gourmet cookie and brownie gift business.

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