Shepherd's Shortbread

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Our gourmet shortbread started out as a ‘happy accident’. While mixing a batch of cookies, we forgot to add the eggs. Rather than waste the product, I rolled it out into shortbread, baked it and donated it to the Shepherd’s Table Soup Kitchen. They loved it!

After a few more intentional ‘happy accidents’ we fine tuned the recipe and finally decided to add it to our collection.

This is unlike any shortbread you’ve tried before. It's made from sprouted organic whole wheat flour. Our friends at Lindley Mills have developed a proprietary process to sprout the wheat, dry it, then grind it back into flour. For sugars, we use a blend of organic sucanat and organic evaporated cane juice - both are minimally processed.  Finally, we tie it all together with organic butter.

The result is a shortbread that is a little crunchy, a little chewy and packed with unique flavors from the flour and sugars. Customers tell us they love it with tea and coffee – you be the judge!

Order this box of (6) shortbread cookies, or choose an option below if you need more.  If you choose the 'Brown Bag' option, we'll donate $1 towards buying lunch for a guest at the Shepherd's Table Soup Kitchen.  A great tasting gift you can feel good about giving.

This small box of Gourmet Shortbread cookies is big on flavor.